• Eco-friendly
  • They absorb and slow down projectiles
  • Special for continuous flooring
  • Our identity, is the commitment with the environment. We work actively to develop an ecological manufacturing process , recycling and reusing materials that otherwise will be generating high levels of pollution. We produce variety of new products with shredded rubber of used tires. This recycled rubber get back into production as raw material to manufacture our tiles, security bollards, panels for shooting galleries, jogging tracks, etc.

Rubber for plaster molding

types of molds for plaster

experience and the latest technology allows us to achieve the highest quality of our moulds, getting a better finish for its plaster boards, more innovative and creative. Our rubber molds are an exact copy of the array. They provide an easy unmolding the operator and a lower price, with a good treatment of mold can be manufactured more than 35,000 plates of the highest quality rubber model by.

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