We have an experienced and high specialized team that offers precise application services upon our customer’s requests.


We are a Technology-Engineering Company with a futuristic outlook and strong commitment to the customer, we are focused on building enduring relationships with our clients. Our success in this challenging market, is the result of an unwavering focus on anticipating market trends, identifying and meeting our customer's needs.


Our core business is to make our products suitable for the standards around the world, producing the most innovative products in the Rubber Industry of our trading business, providing value- added services and cutting-edge technology.



Our quality policy is to add new values to all Projects we do, providing engineering solutions always fulfilling the highest worldwide quality standards and to face customer requests and expectations of this ever-changing world.



Aware of environmental pollution problems, we mix the professional and industrial efficiency to preserve it.The rubber used to produce our urban furniture line: tiles, bollards, granulated rubber, etc. comes fromretreated tires out of use, saving CO2 emissions, energy and oil.

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